Creating a natural and beautiful family portrait is about more than having the perfect outfit, the perfect location. 

It's about the relationship with your photographer.

Working with me, well I like to think it's fun!

It really is!  As a parent, it's our job to worry about what the kids are doing, how they are acting, etc.  

Let me just tell you, while we are working together - this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.  

My style is playful, carefree and fun... I'll be playing, laughing and overall just having a good time with you AND your kids.  The more relaxed and open to letting your kids be kids - the better the images will be! 

Once we work together, you will become like part of my family. 

will happily walk you through any questions, concerns or ideas you might have!  Reach out today to chat!

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